Hello, my name is Gordon Brebner.

I used to be overweight. I learned how to lose weight and reclaim my health effectively without spending hours in the gym or starving myself.

My goal is to get you to easily reclaim your body and mind so you can perform better for yourself and your family.

This blog/website, whatever you may call this musings of a stranger, is about my continuing journey to improved health or as I call my online presence “Effective Health”.

Many family, friends and colleagues comment on how well I’m looking these days and about the weight I’ve lost and I’m often being asked as to what my secret is. Therefore, as I’m a sharing person, I


am embracing the information age and sharing my secret as these things shouldn’t be kept a secret. I will also broadcast other pieces of news I find interesting about improving health.

First however a little background on me. I’m Gordon Brebner, 45 years old, 186cm tall, currently weigh 84kg (185lbs) and live in Scotland.

In my teens I was a rake and even through my early twenties I was slim’ish. I got married when I was 28; after that my weight started to increase (familiar story?). At my heaviest I’ve been around the 266lbs (120kg) mark and then settled around 245lbs to 259lbs (111-117kg).

Through my work I got annual health checks and the doctor always asked me the usual, “do you do any exercise?”, “No.” “You need to lose weight”, “I know!”

So although I knew what I thought I needed to do I didn’t have the inclination to do so! I liked my food, I felt generally ok; I thought I was in control of my body and I could keep my weight stable!

When I was 42 I had a period of heart flutters which concerned me. Eventually I was assured by a heart consultant that all was well, I had a healthy heart and it was just “one of those things”. Anyway the flutters disappeared thankfully as they were rather disconcerting!

More recently I was diagnosed as having glaucoma. Work also sucked and I felt my mojo had gone.

I was right bang in the age range that things could start going seriously wrong… I needed to take control of my health, get my energy back and really start to think about the long game and looking after my life support system… my body.

So that is it, that is Step 1 and probably the most important of my 3 step “secret”; my own desire to do something about it; not other people telling me I need to do it.

Step 2 is enacting the desire to change and Step 3 is sustaining the change.

This website will journal the journey of Steps 2 and 3 and my further reading and research reinforces my Step 1 decision; to take matters into my own hands.

So, my secret is now no longer a secret… therefore let me take the opportunity to rebrand it as Effective Health.

I hope you will follow my journey and find it interesting, informative, entertaining and thought provoking. If my journey helps you or those around you even in a small way then undertaking this website has been effective.

What I ask of you is that you keep an open mind to new ideas, but ALWAYS do your own homework… and combine that with common sense to figure out what’s best for YOU.





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