The most powerful body fat cutting substance known in science

What’s the most powerful body fat cutting substance known in science?

It is exercise-induced human growth hormone (HGH) and it activated by undertaking high intensity interval sprints.

I have written a couple of articles previously on this form of effective movement.

These are:

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The following video is me demonstrating PEAK8, a highly effective form of interval sprints.

When you undertake the sprints you are engaging your super-fast muscle fibres. This in turns on the production of Human Growth Hormone (HGH”). (Note that long, slow cardio does not engage super-fast muscle fibres and therefore no HGH is produced). HGH has numerous biochemical properties but 3 that are of note are:

  • its production burns fat,
  • it builds lean muscle and
  • it has anti-aging properties.


HGH production can be halted in its tracks by consuming sugar so it’s is very important that you consume no sugar within 2 hours of completing a PEAK 8 workout. This also means no fruit as fruit contains fructose… a sugar.

Finally, always consult your GP before undertaking any new exercise especially if you are taking medication or have any existing medical condition; listen to what your body is telling you.
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