Short intense workout routines for better results

In case you missed the big news this week, Steve Holman, editor-in-chief of one of the US’s oldest and most well-respected fitness magazines, released a bombshell:

“Old School = New Body”

He BLASTS the “gym rats” — guys who work out 5–7 days a week for hours a day. They live in the gym. You’ve probably seen them (if you go to the gym!). They literally LIVE in the gym. And 9 times out of 10, they look absolutely horrible.

Same goes for “cardio bunnies” — those folks you see doing spin classes, the treadmill etc every day for an hour. Do their bodies really change that much? I don’t believe they do.

Well, Steve and his wife, Becky, have a 90-Minutes-A-WEEK workout system it’s making believers out of A LOT of people.

Go read about it here:

The TRUTH about shorter workouts.

The OTHER benefit they mention in the article on their homepage is kind of cool and something  I’m reading about more and more:

“Work Out Less = Age Slower”

They explain the science of why this is a fact, and why all of us should consider shorter, more intense workouts for better results. Again something I’m totally bought into because it works.

Of course they encourage moderate movement like brisk walking, for heart health… but I’m talking about intense workouts. Steve believes you should avoid prolonged intense workouts like the plague.

Here’s their article page — and a discounted link to their new book if you’re interested in learning more, slowing the aging process and looking as good as THEY do.

Steve and Becky are both in their 50s and look 10–15 years younger… and have bodies anyone would love to have.


There is NO obligation to purchase anything, but I would HIGHLY advise you to consider picking up their FULL 90-minute fat-burning/muscle-shaping system while it’s still half price.

It’s a great book that comes from (literally) 30 years of research and insights into the world of the most successful fitness experts… and the most cutting-edge exercise and age-positive techniques.

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