Let your food be your medicine your medicine be your food

Another viewpoint on effective health from a friend who has also been on a journey to improved health; I’ll let Jayne tell her story…

The start of something big

As you will remember our eyes were opened like a thunder bolt whilst at Jason Vales retreat in Turkey some years ago – my partner came with me and he just thought it was going to be full of mantra rambles and large people wanting to lose weight. Well it was… and it wasn’t! What neither of us realised at the time was that vacation was the start of something BIG.


Whilst we take our hats off to the good Jason Vale and what he has done getting people to see things differently and at least get some liquid goodness into us, he doesn’t really tackle the sustainability bit very well … of course why would he want to… like the diet clubs… if we are ‘fixed’ we wouldn’t return or need them anymore. And of course there are the pharma companies; well that’s a WHOLE different ballgame in terms of motivation!

3 steps plus 1

Whilst having coffee one Sunday afternoon (again some years ago now) my partner and I talked about all this stuff and like the 3 steps Effective Health spoke about we also distilled the key aspects of health and longevity into 3 main topics – Mindset, move your body and nutrition. We purposefully didn’t use the words exercise and diet for reasons I will tackle below… Subsequently, we added a fourth – grounding/earthing.

The rat race

So while we both know all this good stuff our mindsets still remain in a rocky place whilst we continue on the corporate rat run (or is that probably just an excuse?!).
I make batches of super green juices each weekend and have at least one a day (alongside supplements like magnesium, selenium, zinc, udo oil, friendly bacteria tablets…) and eat plenty of raw foods (I even have a dehydrator) and then wham bam the weekend hits, we are both tired and the boozer beckons or sitting by our wood burner all cosy and snug!

A glimmer of hope

Good news though, my partner is taking early retirement and the plan is for me to go part time. I’m hoping this will help with our energy levels by focusing on the fun stuff rather than injecting all our energy into the corporate slog.

Back to why we called it ‘move your body’ and ‘nutrition’

Move your body… whilst exercise is good (obviously) we think it is more. Some people balk on the word exercise (I remember you were once one Gordon!) so we believe it is about integrating moving your body into every day life – walk the kids to school, take a lunchtime stroll, walk up stairs vs take the lift, mow the lawn v asking a gardener to do it… you get my drift… We all sit on our backsides too much and for too long. There has been some research about ‘exercising’ spurts not being enough of a balance to counteract our typical sedentary lifestyle and the key is to address the sedentariness of our lifestyle – OK so probably easier said than done.

Nutrition: We believe using the terms ‘diet’ conjures up a restrictive lifestyle rather than a sustainable embracing lifestyle change (the ‘diet’ clubs are probably to blame for the connotation). Nutrition is a positive term and better describes the fuel that our body needs to function well. We consume ‘food-like’ substances that have no nutrition but are loaded with calories, because these food-like substances contain no nutrition. Our bodies continues to seek more fuel and continues to seek it in the hope that it will get the nutrition it needs to function and ward off disease. The result is… we are overfed and undernourished in the western world.

A further key point about these food-like substances – they are addictive – processed fat, salt and sugar.
So: whilst it is easy to say to someone to stop eating the chocolate, donuts, take away processed foodstuffs it just isn’t easy. It is very similar to those addicted to cigarettes or even narcotics! Many super smart people smoke, they know smoking isn’t good for their health but they continue to puff away because they are addicted. Gordon makes mention of some of the perceived ‘healthy’ foods like grains and pasta that turn to sugar but one big item missed is white potato (a key stable in our western world). Reduce or eliminate their consumption.

A few other points worth mentioning

I bolded the word disease above – why did I do that? There is a philosophy that the body has two main states – at ‘ease’ or ‘dis-eased’. When at ease, the body heals itself. However when we fuel our bodies with toxins and don’t take in the nutrition it needs our body attracts disease. For our bodies to be at ease it needs alkaline forming foodstuffs (i.e. all the raw green leafy stuff), however, if the body consumes acid forming foodstuffs then this is where the nasty disease and ailments take told. Charlotte Gerson of the Gerson Institute claims that when our body is at ease it fixes everything v the phara and doctors approach of ‘a pill for every ill’.

You [Gordon] may want to consider explaining raw v cooked vegetables; many still believe eating their greens that have been cooked to death is still providing them with nutrition.

I love Hippocrates famous quote –

Let your food be your medicine your medicine be your food.

That says it all. I plan to get this quote in my kitchen when it is revamped.

Interestingly, Jason Vale categorises foods into 3 main categories – we need heaps of the first, our bodies can cope with some of the second but avoid the third:
• Fast Food (fruit, vegetables, nuts…)
• Junk Food (chicken, fish, meat)
• Drug Food (processed – fat, salt, sugar)
It kind of turns around how we typically perceive what we consume!

The topic of our GP doctors and pharma world is a major topic all in itself. I only ‘consult’ with my GP or consultants – I decide. I lost sight in my right eye due to bad information/guidance from an eye consultant.
Anyway I’ve gone on long enough. No doubt all this is already on your radar.
Thanks for letting me have my say.

Gordon’s comments

Thanks Jayne, that was great to read. It certainly appears we have very similar views on effective health. To keep this article from getting longer I’ll post my reply tomorrow.

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